We control all processes from growing and processing to our customers

Exporter of the World

We export our products to Russia, Ukraine, Belaruss


Our brand has existed since 1995 and continue our development in the world

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Try our products

How to identify our products

Lately we started to encounter fakes. and to help you avoid such purchases, please check out our protection methods

Kingfoods' logo

The KING logo shows the name of the parent company "Nafoods" and the start date of our work - since 1995


The "100% natural" sign indicates that our products have passed many tests and received certificates in different countries.

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KING products come in different packages: Plastic jar and ZIP package. On the packages you can see the perforation with the KING NAFOODS logo

QR code

The QR code confirms the authenticity of the product if you get to our website after scanning it

Our goal is to supply only the best products for each family.

We use only verified products and technologies. we have developed a closed value chain through which we control all processes from planting fruit to consumer.

Kingfoods products are sent to the customer with love, care and the desire to bring the Vietnamese brand to the global market.