Kingfoods Refreshed Brand Identity To Breakthrough With New Mission

On November 11, 2021, Kingfoods officially launched a new version of its brand identity marking its transformation in a new context, ahead of the “new normal” after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally.

After three times of editing and perfecting from the first version to the present time, Kingfoods started using the new logo version from the beginning of November 2021. The logo includes two-word phrases King (product brand) in a liberal and robust style and Nafoods (the parent company’s brand) that are positioned cleverly to show a strong and energetic image that conveys the core values of the Kingfoods brand: Joy, Happiness, Trust, Connection and Heritage.

In the new design, the positioning of Nafoods helps to recall the image of the sun from farms and the connection in the company’s mission of bringing complete products from nature to everyone.

In this change, Kingfoods chose red as the main color and a transition from metallic gold to cream as the accent of the logo. The dominant red color in this logo version shows the passionate and energetic vitality and the robust development strategy of Kingfoods in the future.

Moreover, Kingfoods chose to include the crown image in the logo structure to express the desire to reach the best position and affirm the highest regard in customers’ hearts. Carrying the mission to provide the world with natural and safe products, Kingfoods wishes to best meet customers’ needs and align Kingfoods’ good cultural values with customers and partners.

After nearly five years of operating, Kingfoods confidently brings to customers delicious, safe, and nutritious dried fruit and nut products that always keep the pure and natural flavor. Based on more than 25 years of operational experience of the parent company (Nafoods), Kingfoods is proud to be the leading enterprise in Vietnam in developing a closed agricultural chain, from planting, processing to exporting fresh fruit products. Besides investing in scale development and modern and advanced production lines, Kingfoods especially prioritizes upgrading image and brand identity. This priority is one of the strategies to develop the brand and increase the competitiveness of Kingfoods in the face of rapid change as well as the high growth rate of the market. At the same time, it marks a comprehensive transformation of Kingfoods in the new context to integrate the retail industry in the food sector, enhancing the position of a Vietnamese brand in foreign markets.

“With Kingfoods, customer satisfaction and trust is the guiding principle of operation. With Kingfoods, you can enjoy safe and delicious fruit like on the farm wherever you are. With Kingfoods, the journey from farm to product in your hand is a journey: Integration, Connection, and Love” – Kingfoods shared.

With a clearly defined development strategy and ongoing global integration, Kingfoods constantly improves its core brand values. The brand identity repositioning campaign for the period 2022 -2025 is a new turning point in the process of building and developing the company’s brand. By inheriting and preserving the original values, Kingfoods strives to protect and develop the Kingfoods image into a brand associated with natural and safe products, thereby jointly raising the value of Vietnamese agricultural products.